Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dada All Day Every Day.

There are many things that Julian is good at: making a mean marinara from scratch, busting out old school lyrics and trivia, falling asleep at any time in any place in any position, mastering the done-yet-not-done hairdo, preventing any leftovers, making sure no one is left out, awaking from a deep sleep just in time for his stop on the train, choosing the perfect dessert for a meal, speaking truth with love, encouraging the discouraged, and providing a worthy competitor (or unmatched partner) in all games.

Above all, he's a faithful lover of Jesus, which then makes him a wonderful husband, which then overflows to our beloved Evangeline.  He gets sad when she often lunges towards me, but we both know she's totally a "Daddy's girl."

My heart melts watching him swoon over her and vice-versa.  She looks at him and smiles her wide toothless smile because with him she feels loved and safe.  My hope is that the security in her daddy points her to the greater security in her Heavenly Father.

What a blessing you are to us.  So thankful that you love the Lord, so that you'll better know how to love our family.  No wonder Evie has been constantly singing your praises these days!

A very happy Father's Day to you, my dear.  We love you!  Now let's get some ice cream! 

- M & e

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