Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sharing Our Joy.


We were so touched to see our loved ones cheer and shed tears of joy as they joined in our excitement.  Thank you everyone for your kindness thus far and we continue to ask for prayers for our growing family and all that is soon to come our way.  One thing is certain, that whether here or there, our little Leong will be showered with lots of love.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

That's My Girl.

I see my daughter several of times a day. The preteen on Prince Street, clutching her dad’s hand over her shoulder; the gurgling pink and white bundle, bouncing on her mother’s knee; the silly schoolgirls shoving each other and shouting at their mom. I say to myself “That’s my girl.” I wonder about our days together as father and daughter—what we’ll bond over, what she’ll resent me for, how I’ll pore and fuss over her to no end. My affections for her grow stronger each day. I say her name. I whisper to her at night. I tell myself I’m out of my depth. People ask if I’m excited about becoming a dad. I’m not going to be a dad, I am a dad.


The Sweetest Sights and Sounds.

February 26, 2014

Today, we would see our child for the first time.  We sat back as the sonographer did her thing.  The numbers, lines and black-and-white blurs made no sense to us until, indeed, we saw little baby--- or what looked like a little peanut at the time.  "And there's the baby.  Congratulations!"  I think Julian and I simultaneously let out an awe-struck "wooow."  As if the sight of this precious baby wasn't exciting enough, "...and here's the heartbeat.  Sounds good."  Those sweet little thumps confirmed that the image onscreen was more than just a blob of cells.  That was our baby, at a mere 7.5 weeks and just about the size of a raspberry, so full of life.  As that tiny heart beat, two first-time parents' hearts filled with joy.  We are so incredibly excited to see you, Baby.  
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.