Monday, 21 July 2014

Cheers to You, Daddy!

No matter how many apps and books and words of wisdom I followed, pregnancy is more than I ever imagined.  Baby and I have countless intimate-- almost secret-- moments, feeling her every movement.  While I try to involve Julian by having him watch my belly move or try to catch her kicking, it's not quite the full experience.  That's not to say he hasn't been along for the ride or contributing a great amount to this pregnancy season. 

Julian has made his share of sacrifices-- altering his cooking to ensure proper nutrition for us (like scrapping his usual chicken dishes when the food aversions kicked in), offering massages (a pregnancy essential and my personal fave), being sensitive to my exhaustion and my inability to participate in social events, stepping up with housework, reading, praying and singing with the baby (oh yes, LOTS of singing),  etc.  And for someone who has always struggled with body image, my growing belly provoked silly questions always directed to my gracious husband who would gently remind me, "of course you're gaining weight-- you're pregnant. You're growing a child," shaking me out of my insecurities. 

He really has proven to be an amazing father already and this season has further revealed how blessed I am to have such a loving husband and now partner in parenthood.  Funny how that works-- because of this little baby, I love my husband even more.  And that'll be so crucial for Baby Girl to feel secure and loved too.  

Many have warned us that you will never be completely "ready" for parenthood.  Our prayer has been that our growing nest will be full of the love of Jesus and for each other, so that when our daughter joins the party,  she will enter a home overflowing with that love.  And with a leader and partner like my dear husband (and the sheer grace of God!), I think we're on the right track.  So cheers to you Ian, Baby Girl and I love you so much!

- M