Sunday, 10 May 2015

Evangeline’s Tips for a Happy Life.

I’m almost eight months now and I can honestly say I’m living the life I want. Here are a few tips I’ve come to find work for me:

Eat well. It’s simple: eating well makes you feel well. Make sure you have an on-call mommy, one who is available in the wee hours of the night but will still get up at the crack of dawn to break your fast. When she knows she’s going out, she prepares meals in advance. She works very hard to keep my cheeks looking their fullest, even if it means cutting back on sleep.

Baths are essential. I take a few a week to keep me feeling my best. Mommy always makes sure the temperature is just right. She puts my favorite toys in and chats with me while she scrubs my head and back. She finishes with an oatmeal lotion and a massage. She delivers every time and is never tired!

Play! Games are vital to keeping a healthy brain, so make sure your mommy knows how to make a game out of anything, everything from putting on clothes (the worst) to making old toys feel new again. When your mommy is as clever as mine, you know you’re making the most out of playtime. (Note: I also recommend a mommy who can think of songs on the spot, like her surprise hit “These Are My Toes.” A diverse playlist makes even the toughest days fly by. Have your mommy learn to incorporate tickles and kisses to up the fun factor). Where does she even find the energy?!

Travel often. My mommy takes me on walks almost every day. My favorite is the carrier, she leaves me things like her necklace or her hair within reach for me to pull on if I get bored. She says running used to be her “me time” (I don’t understand…is there any other kind of time?), but she started taking me with her. It’s like she doesn’t need any rest at all!


When I wake up, she’s there. When I go to sleep, she’s there. She knows what I need, often before I even know it, and always before Daddy knows it. Life for me isn’t always easy (sometimes it’s very easy), but she’s definitely the reason my life is a happy one.

- E

A Mother's Day Special.

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