Friday, 15 August 2014

Talk About a Party... or 3!

Over the past couple of months, Leong Party of 3 has had the opportunity to party x3!
In July, I flew solo to California to celebrate our newest addition.  Despite an exhausting commute (which involved a broken-down shuttle bus, my cab hitting a motorcyclist, getting yelled at by a cab driver and a missed flight), the results of the weekend overshadowed the stress and proved to be a true delight! Our dear family and friends collaborated on a sweet shower held at the in-laws' home.  Carrying over the lovebird theme from our wedding, they so cleverly proclaimed that "a little birdie told us... the Leong nest is growing."  Everyone loved every creative detail and I especially enjoyed spending time with ladies that I don't get to see often.  I was so touched by it all.    

Check out our friend Helen's blog for more details and pics!
A couple weeks later, I was called into my boss' office for an impromptu meeting.  As professional and serious as ever, we proceeded with a lengthy discussion before heading to our monthly department meeting, which another co-worker had earlier warned would be "intense."  With my notebook ready to take notes, I entered the room only to be legitimately surprised by smiling faces, decorations, snacks, drinks, games and gifts!  A surprise baby shower!  On top of that, I spotted familiar, spiked hair behind a shelf--- they had secretly coordinated for Julian to join the celebration!  I was floored by such a great display of support and kindness from my co-workers.  Leong Party of 3 overwhelmed by love from the MC Team Party of 20+! 

Next up was our NY baby shower, graciously organized by the lovely ladies of our community group.  It was an intimate afternoon with some of my favorite foods and sweets, complete with games, prizes and an overwhelming mountain of gifts from both coasts!  It's so nice to know that though our blood relatives are across the country, we have developed great relationships with this east coast community, our NY family.  How God has worked to grow these friendships over the last two years has been evidence of His faithfulness, indeed.

To hear others' excitement and kind words throughout these events (and throughout the entire pregnancy), we feel so blessed that our growing family is surrounded by supportive, caring people to celebrate alongside us.  God has been so gracious in showing us that we are not alone on this new adventure and that various communities are ready and willing to further shower Baby Girl with love.  Thank you everyone from the bottom of our overjoyed hearts!  We love you all!    

- M

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