Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Gift

Valentine's this year would come after our first anniversary and Melody's first birthday in the city. Another dinner seemed out of the question, and she has never been a flowers and candy type of girl. When I told her that I couldn't find someone to cover my shift, she was less than pleased. Trains of thought over the next few days led to leaving this on our coffee table to find when she came home from work.

"Ordinary Us"

Packing a lunch a few hours ahead,
Washing the dishes, making the bed,
Showing how much they mean to you thus,
Aren't you glad for ordinary us?

Sharing together your favorite shows,
Laughing 'cause you know what nobody knows,
Knowing for certain that you have their trust,
Aren't you glad for ordinary us?

Spending the day like a couple of bums,
Lying around, twiddling thumbs,
Feeling just fine with your hair in a muss,
Aren't you glad for ordinary us?

Arriving to find your spouse at the door,
Working each day, and knowing what for,
Bearing the walk, the train, and the bus!
Aren't you glad for ordinary us?

Life wins again and again against ill,
We turn away yet He stands behind still,
Christ brought down low what pulses above,
Aren't you glad for ordinary love?

- Julian

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