Saturday, 4 February 2017

It's true.

Last night over drinks one of Melody’s co-workers remarked “Your daughter is amazing.” I replied, “She’s got an amazing mother.” I knew in saying that there was a conflict of interest. It was the charming thing to say, after all, and it’s good press. I uttered it in half-truth. But as soon as I said it, to my surprise, my eyes misted over. I choked back a tear. I realized it really was true. She is amazing. She isn’t perfect, but she’s perfect for our family. She’s both a cheerleader and a disciplinarian to our child (she dotes, but she will not be played). She’s impeccably organized, a master of itineraries. By the time you think of it, she has handled it. She gave fierce competition this year for Wittiest Leong (see: Insta captions). She is incredibly driven in her career, she gives until there is nothing left to give. She continually shows me my sin, and is quick to forgive. A beautiful woman, inside and out (see: photo). Marriage isn’t just a partnership, it’s a grafting. It is by her willingness to walk alongside me that she is making me a better man. Happy 30th Birthday to the Love of My Life, the Delight of My Eyes, my dear Melody!

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