Thursday, 21 January 2016

For years.

Last week, Julian rediscovered a journal where he and I wrote letters to each other while we were dating and engaged.  It included the usual mushy words of infatuation and excitement to which we rolled our eyes and laughed.  Over the years, our love letters have been replaced with endless to do lists and I can barely recognize those wide-eyed young lovers!

While it is nice to reminisce about how wildly in love we were then, it's even more fulfilling to know how our love transforms into something  deeper with each passing year.  You drive me crazy sometimes and challenge me daily, but as cliche as it is, I am so glad God chose you for me.  You've seen firsthand what a mess I am-- my flaws, my weaknesses, my anxieties, my pride-- and yet still commit yourself to our marriage and family.  This way you seek to love like Jesus is the reason why marriage is bearable and beautiful and why I love you so much (it also doesn't hurt that you're a great father and excellent chef).  Here's to four years and for years to come.  


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